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A reliable and fast way to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency

Get started with the simplest and safest cryptocurrency exchange platform

Best features in one place

You can rest assured that you are interacting with a trusted cryptocurrency exchange service with a focus on ease of access, transparency, regulatory compliance, and fast asset delivery

No limits on withdrawals
Available currencies: Ukrainian hryvnia, Tenge
Funds transfer guarantee
Instant exchange and purchase of currencies
Protection and confidentiality of personal data
24/7 online support

Volume of transactions in 14 days

Volume of transactions in 24 hours


Total number of exchange transactions


Any suitable payment method

Sell and buy cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card

Moneta-IN is a platform that unites two worlds - fiat and cryptocurrencies. Now buying or selling cryptoassets is like shopping online - super fast, reliable and available worldwide. Buy and sell cryptocurrency in the local currency that suits you and instantly receive money to your wallet or bank account

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User-friendly interface

We have created a simple and intuitive interface for the web and mobile versions of the service to provide an easy and fast exchange of the required cryptocurrencies and fiat
User-friendly interface

Telegram Bot

For the convenience of your work, we have developed a smart assistant - Telegram chat-bot, to make the exchange even easier. Now exchange currencies any minute, anywhere, anytime
To quickly go to the chat-bot, scan the QR code
telegram bot

Deposit program

Save and multiply your favorite coins (BTC, ETH, USDT)

Opening a deposit is very simple, just a few clicks and your cryptocurrencies work for you. Receive guaranteed interest on deposits with the ability to withdraw your funds at any time.
Deposit program

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All your favorite coins in one place

The service has collected all the main and most popular cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Tether (USDT) ,— which are available for quick purchase using a credit or debit card of your bank. In addition, all users have a great opportunity to sell cryptocurrency for UAH and receive cash on their bank cards

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Exchange cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency in a few clicks

Exchange bitcoin for hryvnia from Moneta IN - fast, secure and anonymous. A modern exchanger that works without delays and delays - your finances are always with you. Unlike the banking system, where it is necessary to reserve only 10% of the amount of attracted money, we reserve , 100%. This allows you to exchange currencies for bitcoin at any time
Here you can exchange hryvnia for bitcoin and thereby reliably invest your finances in the fastest growing asset in the world! Let the money work while you enjoy life. More than 19,000 users have already used our service. More than 1200 transactions per day! Rates are formed based on quotes on the world's leading stock exchanges. Investing with Moneta IN - confidence in the future!

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I exchange and receive the currency I need?

arrowYou can exchange one cryptocurrency for another immediately. If you want to exchange fiat for one of the cryptocurrencies, for this you need to go through verification and immediately after you can make the necessary exchange

What cryptocurrencies does the exchanger support?


What is the service commission for the exchange of cryptocurrency?

arrowThe commission for exchanging hryvnia for any cryptocurrency is 0%. Exchange of cryptocurrencies among themselves 0.2%

I encountered a bug / typo / problem. What should I do?

arrowBe sure to contact oursupport teamand tell us what the problem is.

Will there be enough liquidity in the exchanger to exchange the amount I need?

arrowYes. The algorithms of our platform provide high liquidity, combining the liquidity of our partners, which allows us to close all incoming exchange orders without any problems

Can I exchange an amount that exceeds the limit indicated on the site?

arrowYes, in this case you need to contact thesupportoperator and discuss the details


If you have any questions, please contact us in a convenient way